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Our Story

        Denim Hub is an innovative fashion house that offers a multiculturally-diverse array of modern clothing and accessories. The brand is built by the top independent labels in the Philippines with distinct creative aesthetics: Stylistic Mr. Lee, Rough Rider Jeans (RRJ), Petrol, and Bobson ボブソン.
        Denim has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Despite the rapidly changing nature of fashion, the versatility and durability of denim make it the most sought for fabric in the market. Once an idea in the early 2010s, the established-brands unified their vision of building the first one-stop denim boutique in the Philippines. The opening of the first branch in Starmall Alabang in 2018 turned this concept into a reality. Since then, the brand has been expanding its presence nationwide.
        What makes denim so unique is it is always reinventing itself. Hence, Denim Hub aims to bring the latest and trendiest merchandise at the hands of every Filipino. From the exclusive apparels offered to the upscale atmosphere the conglomerates strive their customers to indulge in, Denim Hub brings a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary retail experience.